There once was a Slovenian girl named Silence

Who stood tall, with an air of reliance

She loved frogs, oh so much

And would often go hiking, with a crunch crunch

Verse 2:

She'd hike the mountains, with her trusty boots

And take in the views, oh so cute

But her true love, was the city of Ljubljana

Where she'd consume it, oh so savanna

Verse 3:

She had a pet frog, named Ribič

Who'd always hop along, without a glitch

He'd sit on her shoulder, as she roamed

And croak out the tunes, as she'd roam

Verse 4:

Silence and Ribič, quite a pair

They'd explore the city, without a care

The city folk, would stare in surprise

At the tall girl and her frog, reaching new heights

Verse 5:

But Silence, she didn't mind

She'd just smile and say "I'm just enjoying my grind"

She built her house, on the city's edge

With Ribič, by her side, on the rooftop, they'd pledge


So if you ever find yourself, in the city of Ljubljana

And you see a tall girl, with a frog, standing tall

It's probably Silence, enjoying her time

With Ribič, her companion, by her side, all the time!

Old ZokiPoki, with hair so gray

Farmed the land, come what may

But his joints ached, and his back was sore

Farming was a chore, but something he adored

Verse 2:

He had a cat, with fur so soft

Her name was Miša, and she was aloft

She'd follow him around, all day and night

But often got underfoot, causing a fright

Verse 3:

He'd wake up early, before the dawn

To milk the cows, and tend to the corn

But sometimes, he'd forget where he'd been

And end up in the chicken coop, not the barn


ZokiPoki, ZokiPoki

Farmed the land, with his trusty hoki

Miša, Miša

Always by his side, causing much drama

Verse 4:

He'd take a break, and sit on the porch

But Miša would climb on his lap, with a purr

He'd push her away, but with a smile

Cause deep down, she was his little bile


So let this be a lesson to all

Age is just a number, and love stands tall

ZokiPoki and Miša, forever friends

Till the very end.

NavadniNimda, an admin so lazy

Websites he runs, in a daze, so hazy

He'd rather play guitar, and argue on Twitter

Than tend to his duties, as a website sitter

Verse 2:

He'll leave bugs unfixed, and updates undone

Leaving users frustrated, and on the run

He'll ignore messages, and tickets unread

Leaving the website, in a state of dread

Verse 3:

He's quick to blame, and slow to act

Leaving users in despair, and in a pact

He's always on his phone, scrolling away

Leaving the website, in disarray


NavadniNimda, NavadniNimda

Lazy admin, with a guitar to strum-a

Twitter warrior, with keyboard in hand

Leaving the website, in a chaotic band


So if you're an admin, and you're reading this rhyme

Please remember, to lead with diligence and not a climb

Communicate clearly, and listen to your crowd

Or you'll end up like NavadniNimda, a mess unbound.

There once was a sysadmin named Kekez

Who lived in a forest, amongst the trees

He drove an electric car

And went far, far and afar

He traded stocks like a pro

Making money, oh don't you know

But when it came to taxes, oh boy

He'd make such a noise, like a baby with a toy

"Why must they take my hard earned cash?"

He'd ask with a frown, in a fit of rash

But deep down, he knew the drill

That taxes keep the government running still

He'd boast of his server's uptime

Like it was a matter of pride and prime

"99.99% and still going strong!"

He'd sing it all day long

But when there's a glitch or a hiccup

He'd fix it up, with a coffee cup

And soon enough, all is well

And Kekez can go back to ringing his uptime bell

So if you need IT help in the forest

Just give Kekez a call, he's the one you should trust

He'll keep your servers running fine

And brag about uptime, all the time.

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